14.09.2016 News

New For Honor trailers

Ubisoft presented new trailers, describing a few charachters of coming multiplayer-slasher For Honor.

If everything goes as planned, next Valentine’s Day will be a disappointment for our ladies (and maybe even for the luckiest of our gentelmen). It’s all because courteous gentelmen in three-piece suits and with a pack of a hundred roses will turn into 200-pounds viking/knight/samurai, sieging castles and beheading enemies.
The game will have three factions and each of them will have four charachters with their own abilities: defense, damage, assassin and all-in-one).




Our studio has been changing opinions on For Honor with every new detail. At the announcment we were united by the thought:”Meh…” At first real gameplay, we thought it was “interesting” and now half of our employees is longing for chopping off heads of their colleagues and protecting our women in defending the castle. As always, we don’t rush with judgements. We will talk about it after the release. One thing we see is infinite numbers of DLC with new fractions, heroes and locations (who wouldn’t want to play for some African cannibals or Russian bogatyrs?).