13.09.2016 News

Mafia III system requirements

Unleash you steel friends, gentelmen! October 7 is coming, thus the third part of the gangster saga.

It’s a thin silk story thread between an icon of 2002, questionable, but well-made game of 2010 and yet unknown heir of 2016. The oroginal game was a masterpiece in storytelling and directing. Perfectly given story forced us into compassion with the hero from the first taxi chse, through racing and first love up to murdering our best friend, who betrayed us in order to get a better place in the family. The music made our hearts race and stop completely when it was needed.

The sequel was in development almost right from the release day of the first part and until August 2010. This game gave us open world, better graphics (well, of course. It’s been eight years) and refferences to the origin (oh, that Omerta). However, many fans are united by the thought that the second game has never seen heights of the original. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful, and it managed to show us orginized crime of 40’s America.

The third game is represented by african-american, whose only connection with mafia is revenge. According to the plot, Lincoln (that’s the name of our protagonist) wants to pay back the grandsons of italian immigrants for the death of his childhood friends. Here we will meeet Vito, who was the main charachter of the sequel, first shown at the very end of the original game. Action takes place in New Orlean in 1960’s. It’s too early to make any judgements on the game, as much as to talk about promises. Still, we have our hopes, believes and faith into the result of the decsent heir.

Today developers published system requirements for the game. It’s not for ones with weak hearts, but we hope for a good optimization.

Minimal system rquirements:

  • CPU — Intel Core i5-2500К or AMD FX-8120;
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • GPU — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870;
  • 2 GB video memory;

Recommended system requirements:

  • CPU — Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • GPU — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780/GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 290X;
  • 4 GB video memory