Bugs in iconic games: Civilization

It’s monday, which means another week of working. What does it means for us? New bugs, new reports and of course, new games. Today we are having Civilization game series. We have to confess that we intensionally made our work easier (bigger) by taking all games in the series.

First, we were shocked by the fact, that after the whole week of playing we managed to find only one serious bug! Noteworthy the fact that first two games of the series don’t want to start on Windows 7 without any additional programs. We refused to do that intentionally, as we wanted our experiment to be pure. Two latest games are a true example of developers hard work. We didn’t find any critical issues while playing these Civilizations.

After spending around a week in Civilization III, we managed to catch only one crash. This week gave us 6 matches for different countries with different difficulties. 1.21f version fixed most of the funniest bugs, like the one with trebuchets shooting all over the map after holding “B”. For now, 1.29f version is the only one playable on Windows 7.

Palace crash

To reproduce this issue, the following chain of decorations must be made:
1. Ground
2. Stairs
3. Right tower
4. First part of the palace basement
5. Left tower

[spoiler title=”Palace crash”]

The whole test didn’t give us old bugs that used to work in 1.21f and 1.17f versions. Users with Windows Vista and Windows 10 won’t be able to play it, as the game will be kicking them back to the desktop.

To be honest, we are a bit sad. Sure, it’s great that developers support their games so well – hats off to Firaxis Games and 2K Games. Many of these bugs were funny though. From now on, we can’t have a smile of a sadist after giving weapons of mass destrucktion to Mahatma Ghandhi…

We tried to find these bugs, but developers know their business:

Trade agreement in a turn
Ask for any amount of gold in exchange for cities or technologies at the time of negotiation with AI. The computer will keep paying even if it doesn’t have any money. The issue is fixed since 1.17f.

If player has got 10 planes in one city, bomb with 9 of them, and move the 10th with “j” key. As a result, all 10 planes will move with the 10th. The issue is fixed since 1.21f.

(multi.SAV) God mode
Save the game and rename the file to “multi.SAV”. Load the game now from this save-file and you will be able to watch over the map and change infrastructure in any city of AI. The issue is fixed since 1.21f.

Army upgrade
Fill the army with units of one type and then move with “j” hotkey. Units will separate fro the army. Then they are to be upgraded and taken back into the army. Note: game client may crash during this. The issue is fixed since 1.21f.

Far-shooting weapons
This bug allows units, such as canons, trebuchets etc., damage any cell without any limitations in distance. All wa need to do is hold “B” while shooting ares. This way we are able to destroy all roads to enemy capital from afar. It’s effective in order to destroy the opponents economic system. The issue is fixed since 1.17f.

This time the developers have won, be we are not going to give up. Who knows, maybe they just had a very good team of testers?