9.09.2016 News

Gameview: Seasons after Fall

Just in case, Seasons after Fall is a qute platformer, where player will take control over a fox, who has set off in a spiritual journey through seasons. The main charachter is not just a quite little foxy. He or she (we suppose it’s unclear on purpose) can manipulate with times of a year in order to grow trees or freeze waterfalls. In other words, we will often have to change the world around us, to align it with yourself.

The homeforest has not been right, recently. Someone has to talk to sleeping wardens and borrow their abilities to solve this puzzle. We can summon winter to freeze that gets on our way, then melt ice and force grass co moe up, so we can see where to go next. We are about to investigate a marvellous 2D world with orchestral music in search of four keepers of seasons, so we can develop our skill to operate with times of year.


Each warden represents a season, but they all are united by a sacred ritual, that is yet a mystery. Whether they are good or evil (or something in between) is unclear too, and that leads us to a thought that a player is to get into moral issues.
I personallly, love little games filled with embracing atmosphere like this one. The hand-drawn style is exatly what was needed for beautiful transitions from one season to another. It’s curious to see how it helps this tiny animal to travel along the game world. for people, who would like to try it, the game is available on Steam with price of about 10$.


  • 2D scene painting
  • Good live orchestral music
  • Unique story
  • The game is fully hand-drawn