8.09.2016 News

Playstation meeting in brief

Yesterday, September 7, Sony conference took place. For those, who had already been sleeping or didn’t know about it or didn’t want to watch it, we present a compilation of most important news about it.


Mass Effect: Andromeda
Bioware finally showed us pre-alfa gameplay of a new page in their space Odyssey. According to the developers, the game won’t be connected with adventures of victorious commander Shepard. This time we will meet three members of Raider family. A man and a woman are siblings. Our choice on hero’s gender will define whether we will have a brother or a sister in the game itself. The man in the space-suit is their father. We don’t know if he will be playable and will we be able to take control over charachters during the gameplay yet.

PS4 Pro и PS4 Slim
The expo also gave us two new versions of Playstation 4. The information about PS4 Slim appeared to be true. All charachteristics are the same as declared and console itself is, basically, a thin version of its “father”. PS4 Pro is said to give us 4K video, HDR, eight core AMD Jaguar processor, 8 Gb GDDR5 memory and 3 USB 3.1 ports. Approximate price is 299$ for PS4 Slim and 399$ for PS4 Pro.
PS4 detail
PS4 Pro - Front






Horizon: Zero Dawn
No words here. Guerilla games jumped over their head again. Just watch it. For now, the release date for this beauty is March 1, 2017.

Some people have doubts on PS4 Pro and it’s 4K, others can’t understand what do we need three versions of the same console, and what’s most important, what shall we do with original PS4 now. All we have to do is wait for the official release date.