6.09.2016 Dan's diary

QA mythbusters. Testing is boring and monotonous

Hello again! It’s Dan and today we will break myths about testing. Last time we discussed the myth that all testers do is playing games at work. I hope I managed to show you it’s not.

Today’s myth is straight the opposite. It’s about testing being boring and monotonous.

Friend: Acceptance testing, regression, training, reports… Do you have any fun at work at all?

Me: But we do drink coffee with cookies!

Indeed, our job demands creativity and love for games. For testing, we get a game build and break it, and torture it. We will look under every bush, look through every charachter, break every wall. We will report every bug from z-fighting (black texture blinking) to game crashes.

Dan, the tester_eng3

Have you ever tried cheats in the game? Don’t be shy and don’t hide your eyes. We do this every day! We all remember “a ladder” of players in Counter-Strike. It’s impossible to tell, how much noise and mirth there is in the room, when five people are trying to get out of the game area! It’s most fun, when we check bugs that come to us from players themselves (these can be called true pieces of art).

A great advantage of our job is the fact that we are one of the first to know about every new feature in the game, even though we can’t disclaim it. if the game is singleplayer, we complete it before anyone else and if the game is multyplayer, we try features, that may not even live to see the release. Believe us, this priveleges are worth it.

Each player preferes a certain genre in games. Some are fond of shooting, or sports, or sending their troops to conquer barbarians. Of course, not everyone can be testing their favourite game, and going to work day after day, testing the same project is even more difficult. That’s why it’s important to understand that testing is work. It’s work in game industry, true. It’s a fun, creative abd very important job. We carry a difficult task: to help developers see the end product with eyes of testers, so they can see how gamers will like it.

Bug – a mistake in program code that leads to incorrect work of a product
Build – an intermediate version of a program
Crash – a bug that leads to an abnormal program termination
Blocker – a bug of highest priority