6.09.2016 News

Gameview: Champions of Anteria

Champions of Anteria is a game from Ubisoft, made by Blue Byte. It represents a strategy game with RPG elements, where you are free to be both a city-maker and an adventurer.

The world is split in several fractions at war. They all possess land that you will have to conquer. Players will meet snowbearded “vikings”, children of sand and soldiers of “Cracked crown”, though the real enemy will be the “Cult of darkness”.

Each of five heroes we have, obtained a certain element: fire, water, metal, nature and electricity. That leads to game mechanics based on element system, that can be connected with each other. That’s why each mission will require considering enemy elements players will face on the location and pick 3 heroes for this exact objective. Which basically means, to consider strategy.

Missions are quite the same and may often become a bore: following the convoy, boss elimination, capturing the territory or destroying enemy. Tactics is also to be considered. I wouldn’t recommend destroying everything that gets on your way and think over the situation. Mindless agression will lead to heroes dying before the end of a mission.

What pleases is that aside battles, one can get into being a landlord. At the beginning of the game, we get a half-destroyed castle and a patch of land with two small houses and one guard-tower. Next thing we are supposed to do is developing infrastructure and expansion. With time we get an ability to repair buildings, so they will bring certain resources that will be required for elixirs and equipment.


What pleases is the ability to think through battle tactics, cartoon-style visuals and sound.

But the game also has poor optimization as we see many lags, poor texture loading. Users with 1280×1024 screen resolution are to suffer, as there is no such thing in this game. The only way out is switching from Fullscreen mode to Borderless window.

Blue Byte managed to create a good game that players will dive into for no longer than a week. The problem is its price, for which we can buy a game that’s really worth this amount of money.