2.09.2016 News

EVE Online is going into masses

Recently, CCP declared that this November EVE Online is changing going free-to-play. New players, playing for free will be limited in their skills and ships available.

According to developers, the November update will bring a new story twist for players: scientists developed a new way of clonning, which shortens expenses on the process, by decreasing abilities for new clones. This way, Alfa- and Omega-state clones will be introduced into the game. Alfa clones are cheap in their creation, that will be able to operate with destroyers, tech-1 fregates and cruisers. The time for learning new skills will be increased, but fractions will hand out these clones for free. In their turn, players that prefer to keep paying for the game will be granted Omega-state that will save all the skills and learning speed they are used to.

We will be back to this news in November, so we can compare pros and cons of Alfa- and Omega-states.