29.08.2016 News


Might and Delight in cooperation with SPELKRAFT created Pan-Pan, the game full of colors mixed with chill melodic soundtrack from Simon Viklund. At the moment, the game can be bought in Steam. Soon it will be available for mobile platforms.

The main charachter of the game crashes during the journey on some kind of an air-baloon and gets on a planet with a specific flaura and fauna. Locals will help you to fix the baloon, but some parts will be missing, so we’ll have to find them. There is a large open world with lots of puzzles, solving which will allow you to unlock new locations. Talking to funny charachters and studying the game world will let us gather necessary instruments and materials to overcome all obstacles.

The game can boast of its wonderful soundtrack, pleasant visuals and quite complicated puzzles. Open world and ability to pick puzzles by wish also benefits the game. The only questionable disadvantage of the game is that it can be completed within 3-4 hours.