29.08.2016 Testing games

Bugs in iconic games: Heroes of Might and Magic III

Take any game in the world and you will find bugs in it. Some games have more bugs, and some – fewer, but we’re all people, which means developing process concedes making mistakes. To minimize human factor in end product, any profession includes QA job. Quality Assessment is, basically, what we do, as testers. But what are these bugs and why are they so hard to find sometimes?

That we will show you with the help of most hieratical games. Today it will be Heroes of Might and Magic III.
(The text is written by a tester and hasn’t been fully edited by a professional in order in order to keep the testers’ “speech”)

Using “AirShield” during the city siege, towers strike attacking units 1.5-2 times harder, though it’s supposed to deal twice less damage.


The hit points depend on charachter’s secondary ability of Air Magic. The increase is about 40% on basic level and 100% on andvanced and expert levels. In this video hero is an expert and Nagis with shield get a lot more damage, which is wrong.

[spoiler title=”Airshield”]




This bug allows players to cast two spells in one turn, one after another. Works only in older versions, like (Armageddon’s Blade), not in platinum editions, nor in HD or WOG 3.58 versions.

As player’s turn comes, hold a hotkey for spell book (C by default) and click the hero. This will allow you to cast two spells in a row.

[spoiler title=”Doublecast”]




30% of creatures in hero’s stacks die from visiting sirens. A hero gets 1 experience point for each health point of dead creatures.

Sirens can be visited once a game, according to the game manual. The issue matters, as the hero, visiting sirens advances into a battle, he can visit them again, no matter how the fight ends. This bug might be exploited, though not very effective.
[spoiler title=”Siren”]

Next bug is critical enough to break game balance during the game.

When a player is on a market in Tower, Dange or Conflux he can put an extremely expensive artifact in one of five bag-cells, select it with a cursor, as the price appears and move the bag left and right. Notice. that other cheaper artifacts can be sold with the same price. In short terms, the price goes to a cell, not to an artifact.

Add Info:
Works even in multiplayer.

[spoiler title=”Artifacts”]

Locked cities can be captured with “Flight” spell.

Using “Flight” or “Angel’s wings” spells player can get into a locked city by pressing “space” while passing by the gates. If there is city guard without any hero, the bug forces a player to fight against his clone(guard also goes to attacker’s army).

This one is fun.

[spoiler title=”FlyClone”]



Multidefeat bug. Weakening of unimproved neutral armies by multiple defeats.

There is one pecularity, which appears when a hero attacks an unimproved neutral army with one upgraded stack.
It appears that upgraded units leave neutral army fater a battle, no matter the result.
It means that after destroying unupgraded units, all remaining units leave the neutral army.
If player runs away or gets killed, the result remains the same as above.

[spoiler title=”UpgMon”]


Not the best bug, but nevertheless. Most range units are limited by a number of shots, except for ammo carts.
For example, medusas can shoot 4 times per battle and ballista – 24, according to the game manual. However, ballista can shoot unlimited amount of times, though one has to manage to fight up to turn 25.

Though, as we can see, the brave hero give hydras a pretty-dance, using Thunder Birds and spells. Ballista loads off until the count goes down to 0, and then it goes below it! The ballista keeps firing. 🙂
[spoiler title=”Ballista”]


If a hero posesses “Admiral’s Hat”, leaving the boat will lead to recounting moving points (like the one when we end the turn).

Using “Admiral’s Hat” together with algebra artifacts will help us increase the count of ground-moving points.
It’s quite simple:

The hero stands by the boat with Admiral’s hat on and a couple of artifacts (like adventurer’s gloves and boots).

Put the Hat on and get on the ship.
Put gloves and boots on.
Get off the ship and take boots and gloves off. Observe that moving points’ amount has increased!

This procedure can be repeated many times within a day and each iteration will give us increased amount of moving points. This way, we can get enough points to cross M or L map. Well, unless our hero is stopped by some other obstacles.

[spoiler title=”Movepoints”]


That’s about the bugs that our “Heroes” have. Some of them are more, and some are less critical. However, we haven’t caught a single crash during our play session, which is not surprising. At the very beginning of the century, there have already been gold editions that contain all polished add-ons.

Noteworty the fact that many non-critical bugs give a game some kind of a charm, that make it so used to. That’s why our article is not to be taken as negative review on a game that raised thousands of gamers worldwide. More like an example of the fact that no bugs can hide a true masterpiece, made with love and zealotry to the game. Let’s play and enjoy!