26.08.2016 News

F1 2016

This year Codemasters released F1 2016, which is another part of Formula-1 racing sumulator series. These guys proved that they get their money for a reason. The game differs from its ancestors, as the developers improved the game in almost every aspect, considering previous mistakes and failures.

The first and foremost is career mode comeback, which includes 10 seasons. We can claim that within this genre, it may be one of the best ways to play it. One can pick a real F1 team to play for and this choice will influence your career. For example, strongest teams provide best opportunities, though their demands will be higher. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG Petronas will expect you to win in the current monthly-season, and McLaren-Honda and Haas will give you three months for that. Others can wait some more.

The thing about this game is in its attention to details for racing rules and race car specifications. There are pace-cars, tyre wear, car body wear, warm-up time and ability to start manually. There also are opportunities to pick a strategy for any race, so the picture gets quite realistic.

Sum up with good physics and speed, and the game will fit any player, both professional and rookie in the genre.