Deus Ex GO
24.08.2016 News

Deus Ex GO

Square Enix presented their new adventure turn-based strategy for mobile devices. Deus Ex Go is a representative of “GO” game series, which is, basically, a devastating action together with intriguing puzzles.

The plot is plain and simple. Adam Jensen is to solve a terrorist threat, using his abilities of hacking and combat skills, mechanichal augmentations. The game implies 6-8 levels with 54 sublevels, which give us various locations. Deus Ex GO doesn’t have animated cut-scenes, but has lots of dialogs.

The game itself is like a duality. On one hand, it’s a fascinating puzzle. On the other hand, it’s a trivial iteration of Square Enix game formula. And Hitman GO is more of a board-game, Laura Croft GO is an adventure with treasures and dragon. Deus Ex, in it’s turn, is “spartan” with the surroundings and hard to be called fantastic. Though this game will work very well for both gamers new to the genre and experienced gamers.

The game is available in App Store for 4.99$ and in Play Market for 3.99$. Deus Ex GO is compatible with any device based on iOS 7.1 and Android.