22.08.2016 Dan's diary

QA mythbusters. All you do at work is playing games

Hey. everyone. My name’s Dan and I’m a tester. In these series of articles I’ll try to break most popular myths about testing and QA indystry. You will find out what myths my job is binded to. You’ll find out which of them are true, how testing process works, meet our testers and what they do in their work and free time. Let’s sail of in QA journey!

Today, I’ll try to bust the most popular myth about work of a tester. Imagine that you’re a tester and you meet a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Friend: Hey, Dan! What’ve you been doing? 
You: Hey, %username%, I’m a tester now.
Friend: Wow, you must be playing games all day for money!

And we also have free coffee with cookies. (c)

 Probably, every tester had to face such suituation. Most people think that all testers do is “playing games for money”. Their imagination is fairly drawing a picture, in which a tester is sitting in a comfortable chair, playing new AAA-games, drinking soda and telling developers what to improve in their game. Who wouldn’t want that? It’seems like a day dream of all teenagers!


Let’s find out whether testers really play games all day and do nothing else or not. As an example, I took my week  routine of what I do every day.

If we take a look at the diagram, we will see, that a regular tester usualy spends about 3.5 hours a week playing the game he is working on. And still, he keeps looking for issues, which can’t be called playing as it is. The rest of the time, testers are occupied with other duties, shown in the diagram.

Work of a tester is no entertainment.

We face tasks, that need to be completed carefully and quick.

One can’t increase quality of a product by having fun. (c)

Now you know that testers don’t play games at work. It’s more about breaking games. Though, to us it’s even more interesting! You will see how interesting it is (or not) in next articles. It’s only the beginning of our journey.