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Dead by Daylight review

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Dead by Daylight is another game, created by Behaviour Interactive, that got to our hands. The firstborn was Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade. We‘ve tested it twice (before and after the game moved to Unreal Engine 4.11) Another common feature is Unreal Engine 4, as they both belong to MMO action-shooter genre. These are, probably, only common features that games have. In general, these two games are different like apples and oranges.

And if WH40K: Eternal Crusade is more like iron-enriched apples’ crusade, Dead by Daylight is oranges. There’s nothing wrong with oranges, don’t get us wrong. This game is just a dark, cold grave full of oranges. This place is just as cosy, as a great variety of movies like “Friday the 13th”, “The Amityville Horror” and others…

In a few words: a small group of young geople (jerks, losers, jokers, nerds etc.) get onto the lake, old farm or an abandoned mansion, where lives another Jason Voorhes, who’s hobby is chopping heads off with a machete. By the end of a movie, one or two kids survive. If you had seen a movie like that, you will surely know what’s waiting for you in Dead by Daylight.


Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer PvP oriented action-shooter in survival horror genre. Four survirors find themselves locked on a procedure-generated location (there are three maps, that are a bit different each time). It’s up to players to decide whether to cooperate or work alone. All they have to do, is to activate power generators and escape the location. The last but not least at all player is going to kill them all. Despite all movie cliches Dead by Daylight looks quite unique as a game. Recently free-to-play Evolve is different. This might be compared to Left 4 Dead и Killing Floor, though they were more cooperative, not PvP oriented. And even occasions of PvP are equall there (4×4 or 6×6).


The thing about DBD is not in the idea itself, but in the concept of 4×1 PvP format. You just have to live through not the best matchmaking (a bit later about that) and the game will thank you for your suffering. The reward will be pure adrenalin. Here you are, hiding in the dark corner, listening to your racing heart. It means that the hunter is near. Suddenly, your cover is compromised, as another victim is running inside your hideout. The killer sees you both. And here he is, chasing you, stabbing you in the back with his enormous cleaver. Then he puts you on his shoulder and takes you to the nearest hook. Bleeding out, you might pray for salvation, because your teammates can take you off the hook, heal you, release you from the bear trap…

Or they can leave you to die. Good teamwork is an achievable role model. But quite often the game turns into a bazaar with everyone running around, hiding, not paying attention to the team. Everyone for himself. Well, that’s what should have been. A perfect freedom of action, just like in DayZ. One can find a witty partner and find a lot of loot there, but others can give the last bandage to a wounded stranger. Social factor is an important part of Dead by Daylight. Noone can promise that a guy you just risked your life for, taking him off the hook, won’t just run away from you when in trouble.



Teamwork is provided with unique abilities for each of four charachters. Dwight has got leadership, that will help you fix generators faster, when he’s close. Mag is best is distraction, Claudette can heal wounded and Jake moves very quietly, able to break hooks. Killers are all different too. Hunter swings his cleaver and sets bear traps. Wraith can become invisible, and Hillbilly can run faster, than Forrest Gump, when his chainsaw is on. Let us note, that survivors play with a 3rd person camera, and killers play looking from their eyes. This feature was created in order to keep the thin line of balance. Killers’ view angle was narrowed this way.

The levelUp system is also balanced quite well. Playing smart way will bring players experience points. These points help us progress in the Bloodweb. Step by step, we unlock two types of abilities (three unique abilities for each charachter), offerings, which are the abilities, that can be enlarged upon the whole team, equipment and its improvements (let’s say, a better lamp and battery for the lighter or a rusty chain with liquid for a chainsaw). In 1.0.2 the developer went through the global balance chage, that was very coldly met by players, at first. But now everyone got used to it and it’s all right. Not only abilities can be changed, but also the look of a charecter. Levels can be exchanged to prestige points that come together with outfits with blood on them or beaten-up faces. Veterans of Dead by Daylight differ from new guys not by the look, but knowing game mechanics and teamwork.

The biggest problem of the game is it’s random team gathering and match creation. Like we’ve said, social factor takes place here. It’s not the developer’s fault, that you got into the match with selfish people. Sometimes, it’s straight the opposite, when a big kind killer fella offers people to farm some experience. Though the system of matchmaking is the developer’s fault. We weren’t able to play with our friends in public matches until recently, only in private games that give no experience. People had to run through game lobbies by synchronized pressing “join a lobby”.



Patch 1.0.4 finaly brought the ability to survive together with friends, but leaving system is still sad. Many people leave right after match starts, which brings a lot of troubles to the team. If the killer leaves, the game ends, as he is always a host. The balance system is also qquestionable, as there can be players of completely different game levels in the match. Ranking system is more or less fine, but it only works with high-rank players. Newbies in Dead by Daylight have a low rank, so they would have to play with the same low-ranked players, but with better equipment. This, as much, as lots of cheaters can destroy your interest of the game. Of course, developers promise to eliminate these problems.

But there are other things that need to be improved. General amount of bugs and poor optimization is the biggest problem of the game, according to the players. Connection errors in game lobby, missing or blinking textures… Behaviour Interactive seem to have everything under control. There are regular patches (every two weeks), developers stream their game and chat with the society. We hope that soon there will be new charachters and maps. Russian players are also glad to have their localization in the game. This may be not the best translation, but it’s still beter than nothing.

Anyway, Dead by Daylight already differs from many other survival-games due to its rich , dark atmosphere and the opportunity to become the murderer of your dreams. People are always glad to be scare, and this game gives a lot of adrenaline. According to SteamSpy Dead by Daylight was sold about 800.000 times. It’s an unquestionable success for Behaviour Interactive. It’s only a surprise, that Dead by Daylight is left almost untouched by professionals form the media. There only are 13 views on Metacritic.

Soon we will introduce the results of our performance test to you. And after that, the results of our focus-test and the controller-usage test. Stay with us!