8.08.2016 News

Bethesda and Skyrim remastered

Right from the announcment of HD version TES:V Skyrim for PC and new generation of consoles, one of the most asked questions among gamers is: “Why Skyrim?”. Why Bethesda Softworks has chosen one of their newest games? Recently, Pete Hines, vice-president of PR and marketing answered this question.

Basically, the reason for that is the fact that to make a remaster for, let’s say, TES IV: Oblivion, the company would need as much power, as to make a new game, for the game engine is too old and the developers would have to create another one. However, this doesn’t mean, that the company has forgotten about new games in the series. It’s no exception, that Todd Howard can come up to the stage on any event and say that the new game is to be released within a month or two. We may only guess, that this strategy if for us, not to be longing for a new game for too long.