29.07.2016 News

Quake champions – Quake returns!

Tim Willits, the creative director in id Software (also the former co-keeper before ZeniMax Media bought the company), told us about four participants of Quake Champions video.

This is the same video that we have all seen on E3 2016 Bethesda Softworks press-conference, but now, due to Tim Willits’ commets we know something about heroes and their abilities. So they’re: Ranger (Quake I veteran), Visor (Quake III Arena) and two “rookies” called Nyx and Scalebearer. 

Quake Champions — is an old-school multiplayer FPS from the fathers of the genre itself. idSoftware is talking about a whole new level of graphics through id Tech 6, charachters with unique abilities you will never forget and no limits to FPS.  The game is a PC exclusive and the release date is typical for idSoftware “when it’s done”.

We are waiting for an annual QuakeCon (August 4–7) as this is exactly the place where we are to expect new details on Quake Champions.