26.07.2016 News

Gameplay trailers of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky developers have no rest in sharing new details of their new game. Recently, Hello Games have told us about trade, and about fighting and exploring – a bit earlier. It’s known that players will have to gather various resources in No Man’s Sky by harvesting planets or raiding space stations.  These resources will do good for trade, which will allow you to travel further along the universe. For more details, see our  No Man’s Sky preview.

A few days earlier, we got other videos, dedicated to fighting and eploring space. The first one shows that danger awaits everywhere, both on planets and the outer space. The other one tells us about the endlessness of the universe with all those quintillions of planets in it, showing the variety of forms of flora and fauna in No Man’s Sky.

As No Man’s Sky motto sounds like «Explore. Fight. Trade. Survive.», we only have one last video to look forward to. And it’s going to be all about survival in this gigantic world.

Let us remind that No Man’s Sky release date is equall for PS4 and PC (August, 9 for USA and August, 10 for EU). The official game price has been confirmed as 60$.  No Man’s Sky is free to pre-order in Steam, GOG).