22.07.2016 News

No Man’s Sky developers are accused of plagiarism

Sometimes it seems like there is no end to all the difficulties standing on the path of game making. Even now, when the master-CD with No Man’s Sky has gone gold, the still get into troubles. Now, Hello Games are being accused of plagiarism.

Genicap company claims that Hello Games use their “superformula” without permission.  This superformula is in charge of procedure generation of all those quintillions of planets, created in No Man’s Sky and was developed and registered by prof. Johan Gielis, who is a co-founder and lead scientist in Genicap.

According to the representative of Genicap, they have never given Hello Games a license to use this formula. However, the company doesn’t want this situation to somehow influence the release. They just want to discuss the issue with the developers.

We can only add that last year Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, told New Yorker that a lot of things in No Man’s Sky are based on a superformula. Seems, like there is no way to avoid some serious talk.