14.07.2016 News

API Vulkan for Doom

Looks like, id Software is intended to bring back those good old times, when a company from Texas was the heart of game industry. They’ve already made Doom, which is no different from the one we basically lived in 20 years ago, they’ve announced  Quake Champions, which is not only a great game in the future, but also a PC-exclusive, and now there is API Vulkan support for the Doom and id Tech 6.

API Vulkan is a programming interface that allows developers to reach low-level access to the hardware. Vulkan used to be known as Next Generation OpenGL. Like it’s ancestor, OpenGL4.5, it’s still a free cross-platform interface, though with a better performance and new abilities for a developer.

For common users, advantages of API Vulkan are mainly presented by an increased FPS rate, including last generation videocards. And as Doom is currently the first game, fully using API Vulkan, we dare say that idSoftware are being the sharp spot of the spear of game industry once again. Thank you, John Carmack. All we need to be happy, is new drivers for NVidia. Currently, the noticable performance increase can be observed mostly on AMD videocards.  Radeon RX 480 , by the way, sometimes gives us additional 25% FPS. Let us thank the pioneers of advanced technologies and long for other developers to join them.