9.07.2016 News

No Man’s Sky is gone gold

Space science-fictional simulator called No Man’s Sky has gone gold. It’s been in development for about 4 years. The founder of Hello Games shared this news in his twitter, which means that the original CD with the game had been sent for printing. However, it’s not the CD, that makes us happy, but the fact that the release date won’t be transferred anymore. The game will be available in Europe in August 9 and in the USA in August 10. The impatient ones are free to pre-order right now.

Inspite of “indie” status, No Man’s Sky looks quite abitious. The role of the discoverer in an unlimited sandbox, quintillions of planets, personal spaceship, gathering resources, alien creatures… It’s no surprise, that No Man’s Sky is №1 in Amazon poll for the most expected game this year. It has overrun such AAA-games, as Battlefield 1 и Mafia III. In a month, we will find out whether it will live up to our expectations or not.