6.07.2016 News

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One

Great new for all those, who love good western games! The famous game, developed by Rockstar will be available for Xbox One by the end of the week. Red Dead Redemption is about to be transferred from Xbox 360 according to Microsoft compatibility program.

Rockstar games has always been some kind of a forge of hits in game industry. Their games have never been taken  equally well or poor, but they can create a great hype around the game, attracting court issues together with billions of dollars profit. By the way, Rockstar has never lost a single case. However, now we can see these games are a true art, as now they start to live through generations. Generetions of both people and consoles. And this is nothing but great, because we are desperate for good western games and Red Dead Redemption is the best of them. Let’s just hope, that now, after six years of waiting PC players will also be able to play as Microsoft claimed, that all games for Xbox One will be available for PC

And while we’re waiting for friday, let’s watch the trailer, shall we?