That's the prize that heroes of the bytex deserved!
5.07.2016 News

Heroes of the Bytex results

July 1, was the day when the earth quaked, as the Heroes of the Bytex came! This was the inside championship for members of the company, based on Heroes of the Storm game. Participants were both experienced in most MOBA games and not familiar with the genre at all, but eager to try it. The organizers of the tournament were choosing between Dota 2, Heroes of The Storm, League of legends and Strife, but HotS won by the vote of the majority. After that, 6 teams were formed: МыРГЛ ТИМ, 700 фонариков, Вермилион, Отряд Самоубийц, Team TOSOL и Краки. According to the championship rules, we’ve played 12 group games, 3 playoff matches, 2 semi-finals and one grand finale battle. The final fight was between teams МыРГЛ ТИМ and 700 фонариков. This one was the most epic and lasted 35 minutes. In the end, 700 фонариков reached in and took a bite out of the heart of МыРГЛ ТИМ, taking the winning prize away. Hail, Heroes of the Bytex!

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