23.06.2016 News

What’s up with Ubisoft?

Unexpected news for those who still has doubt whether Watch Dogs 2 is worrth buying or not! Ubisoft has made up it’s mind to refuse from the tower system in their new game. This system is present in every Ubisoft franchise ever since Assassin’s Creed. The thing is, that to go for a walk in a game world, one has to unlock new regions of the map through passing smaller quests, called towers. Usually, those are higher vantaage points that have to be climbed up. A lot of players complain about this system, as it is waisting people’s time, distracts from the main game proccess and is simply tiresome. Now, according to the words of creative director, the only obstacle on players way will be perks and DedSec followers, that players will gather manually.

We can’t wait to try this game, but for now, let’s just watch the trailer once again.