21.06.2016 News

What’s waiting for us in the current console generation?

On the last week E3, Microsoft announced Xbox S and Xbox Scorpio. In return, Sony only mentioned that this move is a bit unwise, as the console isn’t to be released for at least a year and people have nothing to tell about it. However, PS4 Neo has been rumored about for a long time and there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. And it’s amost today, that we find out that the 4K PS4 will be released by the end of the year. Looks like Sony is about to gain a serious advantage over Microsoft. Noteworthy, in current-gen, Sony is always a step ahead of the opponent. In Russia it began when PS4 selling started half a year befor Xbox One did. Also, Dualshock 4 is known as the most comfortable gamepad so far. Fair to say, that the difference isn’t that big, comparing PS3 and Xbox 360.

What’s going to happen next? Which console will be called the best this generation of gaming? This battle has been going on for decades, so we can never know the winner for sure in advance. But we will keep you informed!