20.06.2016 News

Vampyr gameplay

Even though E3 is over, we still get news from it. This time IGN helped the world to see the gameplay of Vampyr, the game, being made by Dontnod.

On the video,  we can see 15-minutes of pre-alpha footage, where we will have to get inside the skin of a vampire-doctor in England in 1918, who is being torn apart between the Hippocratic oath and thirst for blood. The developers promise to transfer their best ideas from their previous games: Remember me and Life is Strange, which are loved by millions of players.


However, not everyone loved these games. Some people though Remember me was not complete, and Life is Strange was strange indeed. Soon, after the new game is done, Dontnod will be able to say that they have something to show to players of any age, sex or story-prefferences.