9.06.2016 Testing games

The Culling part 2

For today, The Culling is, probably, the most bugged project that we’ve testet in our blog. 4 our testers have caught about 2 dozens of bugs within a few hours of gameplay! It’s hard to imagine how many issues we would find if we were checking the game with all our forces. But frankly speaking, the gane has been in early access for only 3 months and Xaviant Games keeps releaseng new patches (see the history and official community in Steam). The studio has been improving their first game Lichdom: Battlemage for almost a year. We hope that they are intended to support The Culling as long as possible.

Bugs N’ Bytex


  • [Compatibility] The game can’t be launched if Kaspersky Endpoint Security is active. Antivirus conflicts with anti-cheat system.


  • [Gameplay] [Tutorial] Game can’t be continued if player activates or deactivates gas more than once in room 3 of Basic Tutorial mode.


  • [Connection] Some players don’t load into the Private Game from time to time.
  • [Gameplay] [Tutorial] A player can kill himself in the Tutorial mode. To do that, he needs to gather things in one pile, plant C4 and blow it up.
  • [LOD] Bushes detalization levels are loaded incorrectly.
  • [Collision] Some staris don’t have an appropriate physical model, so a player can can get stuck in them.


  • [Animation] [Weapon] Even though the arrow is facing another direction, it flies stricktly to the aimpoint. It creates the feeling, as if we shoot from an aimpoint.
  • [Animation] [Weapon] SMG breechblock motion isn’t animated.
  • [Animation] [Weapon] Percussion hammer’s comeback after firing isn’t animated.
  • [Animation] [Weapon] Sledgehammer and Fireman’s Axe animations are glitching.
  • [Collision] Brass knuckles’ model doesn’t fit player’s hand.
  • [Connection] [UI] Sometimes players don’t have icons in Private Game.
  • [Collision] Model of a stone knife is clipping into the hand during crafting process.
  • [Collision] Satellite dishes of one of the buildings don’t have a physical model
  • [Collision] [Tutorial] Physical model of the ceiling in Advanced Tutorial mode’s main room doesn’t correspond to the visible model.
  • [Gameplay] [Tutorial] In Tutorial Basic mode weapon can be brought into the central room.
  • [SFX] Weapon hit sound sometimes has got a metal surface SFX, even though the surface is different.

  • [Collision] [Tutorial] Weapon is clipping into the wall in tutorial mode.


  • [Tutorial]Broken cameras in room 3 in Basic Tutorial mode are instantly fixed.

Note: Team cooperation on different game modes seems very raw. For example, only the group leader can choose a match. The fact that the second player is waiting without any notification, while the leader goes to the Practise mode is very confusing. It also occured that one of the players was loaded into the match without the group.

Antivirus compatibility

At the beginning of our test we’ve already found out that Kasperksy Endpoint Security is blocking anti-cheat module, which leads to a game crash (issue 20 in the list). That’s why we decided to check the compatibility with other antiviruses. The global compatibility test has told us that The Culling can live well with othe antivirus products. The issue is probably caused by the fact that Kasperksy Endpoint Security is made for a corporate segment and uses additional algorithms and signatures. Other contestants are home purposed. That’s why, the regular player has nothing to worry about, we checked it!

The results of compatibility test.

Product NameThe Culling
Dr. WEBPass
Kaspersky Internet SecurityPass
Kaspersky AntivirusPass
Kasperksy Endpoint SecurityFail
Microsoft Security EssentialsPass
PANDA SecurityPass
Trend MicroPass