9.06.2016 News

New Remedy games?

According to official representatives of Remedy Entertainment, the company is currently working on two new projects, that haven’t been announced yet. The interesting thing is, that the publisher of one of the projects preferres to remain unknown too. Usualy, games made by Remedy are published by Microsoft. That means, that soon we might hear of a new game that is quite different from previous works of the company. It must be important to know, that neither of two games in development are a sequel of Alan Wake. The studio says that they remember about their masterpiece, it’s just not enough time to do the sequel properly now.

Remedy Entertainment company was founded in 1995 and has been creating pieces of game industry art ever since. Developers from Finland are known to the world by Death Rally, Max Payne, Alan Wake and their latest project, called Quantum Break. This one is quite unique, as it’s intertwined with a movie series, shot specially for this game, so every action or decision defines what wil you see in the next episode.