1.06.2016 News

Whits of Cyberpunk 2077

First time we heard about a new game of CD Project RED was back on E3 2012. Since then, we had almost no information, except for the name Cyberpunk 2077. Recently Mygamer.com gathered all information we got from 4 years of waiting in one place.

It makes sence that all possible features that were developed fo the Witcher 3 would be integrated into the new project. The action takes place in a place called Night City. The game area will be multiple times bigger, than in latest games of the company.
Before playing we will have to create a character and give it one of in-game classes. For now, there are hackers and mercenaries, but there will be more. After that, we will dive into the game world of incredibly developed technologies and low-priority social life. One can play as a first-person or as a third-person, by will. Developers are eager to improve the level of immersion into the game, so they even developed their own authentic vioces. There will be multiple languages in the game and the character won’t be able to understand them unless the implant-translator is installed.

And the last known fact is that Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be released soon. The optimistic ones shall wait until the end of 2017 at least.