1.06.2016 News

Agony: probably the best horror game in the nearest future

Have you ever thought about death and what’s beyond it? Rebirth, eternal sleep, darkness, heaven/hell? Looks like people from Madmind Studio are about to give us an answer!

The company was founded by Tomasz Dutkiewicz consists of 9 people, who previously worked on Tom Clanciy’s: The Division, The Witcher 3,  Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and many other AAA-games. Now these people are working on on a game called Agonywhich is, basically, a hell simulator. Agony starts literary from the end. The player goes to hell with completely no memories of what he had once been. There, he would have to regain his memory through posessing the minds of weaker souls and lesser demons. Soon, we will realize that the only way out of hell is through meeting the Red Goddess.

We can talk endlessly about this game, but the trailer will show more than we can tell, so just watch it. Time after time.

Madmind Studio is planning to release the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year.