31.05.2016 News

What’s on E3 2016

We’re getting closer and closer to sleepless nights of E3 translations day after day. This event attracts not only game industry media, but news agencies from all over the world. Today, we will try to predict what we will see on the upcoming conference.

It’s no secret that we will see gameplay of Dishonored 2.  The sequel, made by Arkane Studios will tell us more about Korvo and Emily. This time the game has got two vocalized playable characters. According to rumors, the studio is also working at Prey 2, which they inherited from Venom Games. It’s a sequel of a well-known game released in 2007. In year 2011, Prey 2 was cancelled, but rumors about the game still wander about. Who knows, mabye this year we will see a new announcement.

id Software will also be on the stage. Recently, the company released the hieratical resumprion of a hieratical game, called Doom. The singleplayer mode was met by players with a face of happiness and tears of homesickness. However the multiplayer part wasn’t met so warmly. Will id Software sel DLCs, that may fix the issue, or will there be Quake announcement? Yes, we hope so! Because who knows, maybe the resurrecting icons of 1990’s will make Valve think of Half-Life 3?

What should we expect from Bethesda company? Of course, we all expect new TES game, but should we? Our answer is: not this time. The game developer has recently published Fallout 4, which they are going to support further, they’ve got TES Online, which is to be supported for a long time, and there is The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which is a new game on the Hearthstone market. So, will Bethesda spend more human power on one more project? Probably not, but who knows.

The closer E3 is, the more news we get. Stay with us, to get more information!