27.05.2016 News

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands trailer

The sooner E3 is, more trailers and hints about new games we get. This is how publishers and developers interest publicity into upcoming conferences. Ubisoft company, which always has it’s own presentation in a separate conference hall, is no exception.

Last year Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands with a gameplay video, which is not so common these days. Back then, many people thought that the game was an open-world Ghost Recon MMO. Well, we were partly right. In the new game players will be free to travell in the open-world (the “Ghost” squad hit the enemy homefront in Bolivia) alone or with three other brothers in arms. Ubisoft claims that fighting Santa-Blanca cartel will be equally comfortable alone or in cooperative mode. Just like in any other game with Tom Clancy’s prefix, the developers are balancing on a thin ice between advanced warfare tachnologies and fiction. And we will be pleased to see if they managed to do it this time. We are longing for new towers, fast-travel and driving off-road bikes. Those, who is still not sure whether to buy a new game or not may get a little help from the new trailer below.

And those who already saved their money for the game, can make a pre-order for PS4, Xbox One and PC. PC version can be purchased only in Uplay store yet.