27.05.2016 News

Absolver trailer

E3 is known not only by the conferences held by the giants of game industry. For example, Sloclap company is going to present it’s first, but very promising game, called Absolver.

The game is a MMORPG with enhanced melee combat system. The player will become a new member of the order called Absolver and set off to bring back the balance in once prospering world. The developers are quite peacefull people, so the decided to refuse from any firearms or magic. On this manner, the key difference between Absolver and other games is an enhanced melee combat system, which only allows using your arms, legs and melee weapons.

According to the trailer, the game has everything it needs: a good design, backround, gameplay – this all can make Absolver a great MMO. We are eager to find out more on the upcoming E3, considering that Sloclap want to bring a demo-version of the game there.