24.05.2016 News

Bytex Digest #3

And here goes our new Bytex Digest with most interesting news for today!


GTAVForbes analyst explained why GTAV will, probably, not have DLC for story mode. The thing is, that Rockstar Games, which has been making best-selling games for about 19 years, has made an online part in it’s last project. When you give players an open wrold, where they all can live together, you have to always provide them with new beanees, cars, weapons and appartments. That’s how Rockstar Games earened 500 000 000 $. Considering the fact that the company has sold 65 000 000 copies of GTAV, creation of a story DLC wil bring about the same amount money with spending more human power.



Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is about to be released very soon. Due to that, DICE company presented an interactive map to players. This map allows us to study the game area with runners’ hideout and other key places. It is very useful, as the game is open-world now. The release date is June 9, but EA Access and Origin subscribers can enjoy the trial version on June 2.

However, we wWitcher 3ill all be out until then. We will be out in Witcher 3 world, because the last DLC will be released in May 31. Those, who have been waiting for the whole game with all DLCs to come out and play – be advised: the main story will take at least 100 hours, other two addons will take 30 more hours – minimum.

GC-400ES Alpha Pad

Namcom company announced their new controller with the most simple name ever: GC-400ES Alpha Pad. Currently, Namcom is gathering money on Indiegogo. As they
think, if the controller will be released, it will kill the “mouse+keyboard” connection between cyberathletes. GC-400ES Alpha Pad has got 4 profiles for additional customization and an opportunity to add or lose weght of the gamepad. And it looks nothing like an X-Box controller! Nothing at all! Well, X-Box controllers are ones of the best controllers of the world…