20.05.2016 News


As a promising and numerous industry, cybersport goes more and more into masses every year. It’s not only about players, but also developers and publishers. However, not every major player in game industry sees a huge potential in cybersport.

Strauss Zelnick, 2K Games CEO, supposes that this branch is just a good way to advertise projects. For example, the company held a NBA 2K championship with a prize pool of 250 000$. According to CEO’s opinion, such events is the only advantage of cybersport. On this stage, cybersport is a good way to promote the project, make it more popular, but nothing more. A lot of companies think that by competitions, one can realy increase the nuber of sold copies of the game.

CEO also added that NBA 2K is a good start. They need to evaluate all benefits and make a decision whether to continue developing in this direction or not. One thing they can say for sure: is a good way to resurrect old projects and attract new people. The importance is still to be considered, though.

Online gaming (Dota 2, for example) is immensely popular between cyberathletes. Will there be a benefitial effect in making all games for eSports?