Bytexstream: Guitar Hero Live

We’re back and ready to show you something great. Tomorrow, December 6, at 8 pm PST we will happy to stretch our fingers and play Guitar Hero Live! Stay tuned to our twitch-channel and get ready for some sleepy music!

The Rake: Red Forest

Chernobyl catastrophy area is a place, where tourists and hunters come from all over the world. Some want to have an exotic vacation, others – to hunt mutant animals, gather strange green or reveal mysterious secrets. And today we came here to work, not to have a vacation. There apeared an urgent information from scientists. Rake has been found. Location – red forest.
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Bytexstream: Doom

Hey there! Nice news, gentlemen! We are switching to PST time! This Wednesday we will be streaming DOOM at 8 p.m. PST just for you guys, to be comfortable. Stay tuned and keep up with our twitch channel. Please, bring us joy as we try to do for you. Beware that it will be 7 a.m. for us here, so our emotions may be a little… overwhelming…

Need more gold!

Beholder is a 2D anti-utopia made by Warm Lamp Games, which will make your evening not exactly warm and kind. Cruel, punishing world will break into your head bury you under many problems and options to chose. As you already understand, every decision has its consequences. We’ve seen many of such games recently – This is the Police, This War of Mine, Papers, please.
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