Otus and co.

A decade ago, D-Pad Studio announced the beginning of an independent development of Owlboy. All this time, the game has been gathering everyone’s attention. At last, November 1, 2016, the game appeared in Steam and GOG stores. The game appeared to be complicated. It’s not bad or difficult, no. It’s fabulous. But this feeling is very hard to put down.
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Bytexstream: Overwatch

We don’t even know if we need to announce that, but tomorrow we will be playing Overwatch! You know what to do: join us on twitch or in the game. Same time (7 p.m. MSK), same place.

My Summer Car – From Finland with love

Nowadays, world of games is filled up with hundreds of all kinds of simulators. Everyone here can find something for them: from sport to Sims through Eouro Truck Simulator (Great game, by the way). We can try ourselves as a farmer of a pilot. The market is overwhelmed, so it extremely hard to do something worth trying, and even more – bying. However, a wonderful person from Finland, named Johannes Royola did it. The game went through a long way, burst into Steam Greenlight, gathered over 1500 positive reviews and got released in Early Access October 26, 2016.
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