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Another day of a tester

Going to work on a Monday morning, Misha was in a perfect mood. Well, of course! He had a good time on weekends, slept well, went to a cinema with a girlfriend, ordered a few parts for his bycicle, brewed a little (it’s a secret, but he has a hobby like that). Long story short, he did everything he wanted. Except for going through a new album by one of many music band he liked. As he was walking, he thought he would listen it at work.
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Bugs in iconic games: Heroes of Might and Magic III

Take any game in the world and you will find bugs in it. Some games have more bugs, and some – fewer, but we’re all people, which means developing process concedes making mistakes. To minimize human factor in end product, any profession includes QA job. Quality Assessment is, basically, what we do, as testers. But what are these bugs and why are they so hard to find sometimes?
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Focus-test Dead by Daylight

In order not to waste human power, describing what focus-testing is, we would like to to recommend a few articles (but be careful, it’s in Russian), devoted to this topic. Worry not about the age of these articles. Nothing changed since then, so they are still actual.

If one doesn’t want to dig into focus-testing procedures, but still interested in Dead by Daylight, (after reading our review and performance articles), let’s get to it. Our main goals are: study reaction and opinions of exerienced players on all parts of the game. We are interested in every aspect of the game: tutorial, all game modes, visual and sound parts, interface and charachter customization… In short terms, just like always. We’ve already tested Сrossout and The Culling. As usual, no one played Dead by Daylight before the focus-test.
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No Man’s Sky focus-test video

Recently, we’ve published the results of our focus-test. It appeared to be as contradictive, as the game itself, so we decided to show you a video of the process with comments from our focus-group. Enjoy!

Focus-Test No Man’s Sky

After the release, No Man’s Sky appeared to be a commercially successful project, though a contradictory game. And if media is quite undemonstrative with their evaluation, players have put their foot down. Ones claim this game a masterpiece, others consider it an overpriced shell, empty inside. Neither PS4, nor PC gamers stand aside. What’s curious is that critics valued the game a lot higher, than gamers, which is a rare occasion. Soon, we will publish PC version review, yet we present our focus-test of No Man’s Sky for PS4. Here and now, we’ve got two opposite opinions among the participants.
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Dead by Daylight. Perfomance

Platform: PC (Windows)
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: first person action/shooter, third person action, asymmetrical gameplay, multiplayer, survival horror
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios
Game mode: Multiplayer, assymetrical PvP 4/1
Release date: June 14, 2016
Distribution: Steam
Price: 19.99$
Official web-site:

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Dead by Daylight review

Saw is Family

Dead by Daylight is another game, created by Behaviour Interactive, that got to our hands. The firstborn was Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade. We‘ve tested it twice (before and after the game moved to Unreal Engine 4.11) Another common feature is Unreal Engine 4, as they both belong to MMO action-shooter genre. These are, probably, only common features that games have. In general, these two games are different like apples and oranges.

And if WH40K: Eternal Crusade is more like iron-enriched apples’ crusade, Dead by Daylight is oranges. There’s nothing wrong with oranges, don’t get us wrong. This game is just a dark, cold grave full of oranges. This place is just as cosy, as a great variety of movies like “Friday the 13th”, “The Amityville Horror” and others…
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