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QA mythbusters. All you do at work is playing games

Hey. everyone. My name’s Dan and I’m a tester. In these series of articles I’ll try to break most popular myths about testing and QA indystry. You will find out what myths my job is binded to. You’ll find out which of them are true, how testing process works, meet our testers and what they do in their work and free time. Let’s sail of in QA journey!
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Dan and Batman

At first sight, tester Dan and billionaire Bruce Wayne have nothing in common. One lives in a gigantic mansion, drives Lamborghini Aventador and Batmobile… Another rents a prefab and goes to work by a bus, or on a bycicle. Unlike Gotham’s rich kid, Dan hasn’t got a yacht, filled with Russian ballet girls. Nor has he a kevlar suit or a Batcopter…

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Welcome, Dan!

Dan is Junior Game Tester. He thought he knew all about the games!
It turned out that testing process is really hard, painstaking work requiring wide knowledge, savvy, perseverance and other qualities.

Let’s look at the first day in QA.