Bytexstream: For Honor

Here we are again streaming For Honor. Last time we discussed it on our russian live broadcast and now switch to the universal one. Begin as it’s said, 8 pm PST! We even have a little intro for those, who haven’t tried it before.

For Honor is when you perform a guardbreak during the attack;
For Honor is when it’s easier to block three people instead of one;
For Honor is when some #%&@$ has pushed you off the cliff again;
For Honor is when your knight is dressed better than your girlfriend;
For Honor is when you are physically afraid of Haldor so much, you can’t even do anything;
For Honor is when this 200 pounds Haldor talks like a tenor;
For Honor is when adults are tearing the Reddit apart, screaming “Deus Vult” and “Hail Odin!”;
For Honor is when you hear “Hodor!” on the loading screen;
For Honor is when you call 2vs2 brawl mode “No Honor”.

And while we wait, here is a celebrity stream by IGN. These guys play surprisingly good sometimes.

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